Keith is a country singer / songwriter from the very North of Scotland.

He started singing from a very early age and got his first guitar when he was about 6 years old, with his first ever performance on stage at around 8yrs old.

He left school at 16 to join a band on a full time basis and never really looked back, he knew that music would always be a huge part of his life and has pursued it ever since.

He has been part of various bands throughout the years, some of those have included Colorado (Geordie Jack and the Jacks latterly), Slange Ava, Maggie & Tennessee Express (currently playing with again), Manson Grant & the Dynamos plus a few others.

He has toured all over the UK and been part of some events abroad. He has appeared at theatres, festivals, clubs and various other functions across the country. He has also won numerous awards over the years, as part of these bands (which is always nice!)

He released his debut album some years ago called ‘In my Father’s words’ which is a 10 track cd, all songs written by his Father – David Macleod. The first song on the album earned him a number 3 slot in the European Country Music Charts at the time. This can be purchased by clicking the album link.

He teamed up with his good friend Shannon Petrie a few years back, where they recorded the Don Williams classic ‘Lay down beside me’. This earned them ‘Song of the year’ on North Highland Radio and can be found in the Music Tab

Since then Keith has decided to concentrate and focus more on his own solo venture and has taken up song writing himself. He recently released his own self penned song ‘Thanks for Life’ which was written in dedication to his parents, as a thank you for everything they have done for him over the years…and continue to do. This can also be found in the Music Tab.